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Monday, February 28, 2011

Reg.#1470, Constable James Marshall, NWMP

'Friends Not Forgotten'

Reg.#1470, Constable James Marshall, NWMP

This photo of NWMP Constable Marshall was sent in by retired Reg.#21009, Don Marshall.

According to files from recently deceased Jack White, Cst. James Marshall joined the Force in Saint John, NB in 1885. He saw action during the Riel Rebellion, then purchased his discharge in 1896. After the NWMP, James Marshall turned to farming.

He left his name to the Marshall Ranch situated on Highway # 18 a few miles east of Big Beaver, SK. This was also the site of 'The Big Muddy Detachment' and the cairn dedicated to the Last Mounted Police Horse Patrol named also for James Marshall, NWMP. 

He is the uncle of Reg.#10725, William Henry Marshall (died 1966) and a grand uncle of Reg.#19043, Douglas Frederick Willliam Marshall (died 2006) and Reg.#21009, retired Donald Ralph Marshall

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

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  1. Greetings Joe. My memory was jogged by the piece on the Marshall ranch. I was stationed at Bengough Det. for 5 years in the '60's and regularly visited the Marshall grave site on the hill going into the Marshall ranch. It was a regular Spring occurrence for Tommy Marshall,then in his eighties I believe, to report cattle missing from the ranch which was right on the border with Montana.

    When you arrived, he would have a horse saddled and the two of us would tour the coulees of the border area in a vain attempt to locate the cattle. When we arrived back, lunch would be served and the box of NWMP photos would come out for discussion.

    Several days later there would be the inevitable phone call: "Oh by the way Jim, I found those cattle. I looked forward to the visit each year which we referred to as "the visit with Tommy"

    Jim Christy Reg. 23498


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