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Friday, January 2, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009


•Thousands of obituary references numbers from The Quarterly have been added to the database, and

•Photographs of graves from ‘J’ Div have been added.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 1st, 2009

  • Kirby Anderson, grandson of Reg. # 10501, S/Sgt. C. W. Anderson wrote to say that S/Sgt. Anderson is buried at the Capital Memorial Cemetery at 3700 Prince of Wales Dr, Ottawa. S/Sgt. Anderson was also the Riding Master for the Musical Ride during his service.
  • An e-mail was received from a deceased member’s daughter. She asked that the Division Coordinator of Grave Inspections be advised that the lettering on her Dad’s grave was becoming illegible. She was seeking help and direction to have some work done on her Dad’s graves stone. The request was sent to the Division Coordinator.
  • Ken Cornforth of the Toronto Division sought information about a deceased member in the Legion Magazine. He received a reply from a Mrs. Buckerfield who was able to provide Ken with new information onReg.#7409 C. O. Heming. Mrs Buckerfield said that that Heming died in 1952, possibly at Brandon, but is buried in MacGregor, Man.
    As well, Ken learned that Heming was born in Grey Twp., Ont. (Bagnor-Meaford area). He once had been a bank manager and he had been a member of "B" Squadron sent to Siberia 1918-19. His Army Reg.# was 2772594. No information was available on Heming’s wife or family, but Mrs Buckerfield said she would call Ken again if she ‘digs up’ anything else. Our thanks and appreciation goes to Ken in Toronto.
  • A letter was received from Vet Jack O'Reilly, Toronto Div.