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Monday, October 31, 2011

In Memory of Reg.#537, Albert Housley


In Memory of Reg.#537, Albert Housley
'Friends Not Forgotten'

Constable Albert Housley joined the Force in 1881. While posted to Qu'Appelle, SK, he was at the outbreak of the Riel Rebellion in 1885. He served at Fort Walsh, Wood Mountain, Moose Jaw, Fort Qu'Appelle and Regina, SK.

He was present as a guard when Louis Riel was hanged in Regina, SK. He left the NWMP as 'Time Expired' in 1886 and for several years afterwards, he resided at St. Thomas, ON.

Albert Housley died in 1954 and he is buried in St. Thomas, Ontario

Contributor and Appreciation: London, ON Vet. Merle Armstrong.

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Cemetery for Ottawa Police Service


Source: Reprinted from the Ottawa Citizen dated October 21, 2011

OTTAWA - Members of the Ottawa Police Service are to have their own cemetery, says a report to go to the Ottawa Police Services Board.

The Ottawa Police Memorial Cemetery is to be developed over the next three years at the Beechwood Cemetery. The proposed site is beside the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery, which is open to current and retired RCMP officers, civilian members and special constables, along with civil servants with 20 or more years of uninterrupted service  with the force, says a report to go to the board on Monday.

In December 2009, the RCMP asked police Chief Vern White whether his force would be interested in a piece of land at Beechwood in order to build its own cemetery, the “gracious offer” was accepted, the report says. The site is to be open to current and retired sworn and civilian members  and is expected to meet the force’s needs for 50 years, although more land is available if needed.

Plans call for the plot of land to be developed in four phases, at a cost of $350,000. Money for the cemetery and its operation is to be raised by the Ottawa Police Association Otawa Police Senior Officers’ Association, ad the project will not require funding from the force’s budget, according to the report.

“The phrase ‘Pride, Professionalism and Respect’ exemplifies the very foundation of the Ottawa Police Service. It also reflects the outstanding work that all of our members — both present and retired — demonstrate on a daily basis. There is no better way to honour them for their contributions than with a dedicated cemetery in recognition of their commitment to the citizens of Ottawa,” says the report, signed by acting police Chief Charles Bordeleau.

Beechwood Cemetery is the national cemetery of Canada and contains remains of  more than 75,000 people, including Canadian Forces veterans, governors-general and prime ministers.

Contributor and Appreciation: (Ottawa Citizen)

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Reg.#2482, G.W. Spense, NWMP

C A N A D A 



Service Court. 02/06/1891. 'Neglect duty by allowing prisoners to sing' - Fine $5.00 & 28 days Confined to Barracks

Service Court. 10/06/1891. 'Leave stables without permission' - Fine $2.00 - Supt. McIllree

Service Court. 13/06/1891. 'Break barracks' - 30 days Hard Labour - Supt. McIllree

Service Court. 30/07/1891. 'Neglect duty' - Admonished - Supt. McIllree

Service Court. 27/08/1891. 'Create disturbance' - Fine $5.00 - Supt. McIllree

Service Court. 21/11/1891. 'Neglect duty' - Fine $5.00 & 14 days Confined to Barracks

Service Court. 16/07/1892. 'Neglect gear & break barracks' - Fine $10.00 & 7 days Hard Labour - Supt. Cuthbert

Service Court. 07/09/1892. 'Drunk in Calgary' - Fine $10.00 & 14 days Hard Labour - Supt. Cuthbert

Service Court. 03/05/1893. 'Fail to salute & leave against order' - Dismissal as 'worthless character'. - Supt. Cuthbert

Source: From the History Files of Jack White.

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Friday, October 28, 2011

Reg.#42395, Cst. Patricia A. McNaughton Rankin

In Memory of
Reg.#42395, Constable Patricia Anne McNaughton Rankin


Reg.#42395, Constable Patricia Anne McNaughton Rankin was born in 1952 in Perth, Scotland.

She joined the Force in 1975 and was posted to Special Services, 'O' Division.

'Patricia' left the Force in 2001. She died in 2005 and her remains now rest with her parents in Perth, Scotland.

Vet. Jack O'Reilly recently located this Memorial Stone dedicated to 'Pat' Rankine.  It is in a garden at Windreach Farm, Ashburn, ON.

Contributor and Appreciation: Vet. Jack O'Reilly.


J. J. Healy,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last Post: Reg.#14911, 3Cst. H. R. Catt



The Ottawa Citizen reports the death of H. Ross Alison Catt at the Nanaimo Regional Hospital, Nanaimo, BC on October 24, 2011.

He left home at the age of eighteen to serve in WWI. He was also a Navigator in WWII.

'Ross' joined the Force on 15/05/1947 and after 'Depot', he was transferred to 'K' Div.
He left the Force on 15/12/1950 and returned to the Canadian Military. Later, he served with the Federal Government. His career spanned fifty years.

A Memorial Service will be held on 05/11/2011 at Trinity United Church, Nanaimo, BC.

Contact: Sands Nanaimo; 250-753-2032.

Source: The Ottawa Citizen, Thursday, October 27, 2011

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last Post: Reg.#32723, Sgt. Patricia L. Birtwistle



The Ottawa Citizen of October 28, 2011 reports the death of Patricia Louise Birtwistle. Patricia had been living at the Woodingford Lodge, Tillsonburg, Ontario.

'Pat' joined the Force in 1975. She served in 'O', 'HQ and 'O' Div. Pat retired at the end of March, 1998.  

Her Funeral Service will be held at 7PM, on 04/11/2011 at the Verhoeve Funeral Home, Tilsonburg, ON.  Contact: (519)-842-4238.

Pat was 62 years of age.


J. J. Healy,

Monday, October 24, 2011

RCMP Marine Div: The Ambassador

Dear Buffalo Joe;

My brother and I are trying to find additional information on this RCMP two-man vessel that serviced  Kenora and the Lake of Woods area between 1947 and 1957. 

I have not been able to find any new information about the boat while it was in government service, I'm a wee bit disappointed, but we remain confident that in time more information may come to light. I have also posted a picture of this boat on FlickR -- it has a huge worldwide membership and there is over a billion items listed.

Its builder was headed up by one of the top respected and brilliant 20th century marine designers Hubert Scott-Paine. His accomplishments may also draw interest to this former RCMP boat. I am also a hobbyist deltiologist and I keep a look out for old postcards that may show the boat in them as well. 

As a Director for the Perth County, Ontario Historical Society I do know that there is no end to the interesting new materials that keep showing up at our museum and archives and I am hopeful the same happens with a discovery about this boat.

We enjoy trying to discover new and exciting history for all of us who are interested in unearthing our past.

On behalf of my brother, I thank you for your time.

Yours truly,

Vince Gratton,
Perth, Ontario

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Friday, October 21, 2011

Reg.#6298, Sergeant F. B. Pearson




Reg.#6298, Sergeant Frank Buscall Pearson
Royal North West Mounted Police
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

'Friends Not Forgotten'

F. B. Pearson was born on September 4, 1888 at Oxford, England. He came to Canada and engaged in the RNWMP on September 24, 1914. After training, he was first posted to “F” Division (Saskatchewan).  On January 21, 1916  he had a slight brush with Service Court -- he was charged with 'Disobedience in Service Court' and fined $5.00.  

Then war. Pearson served during WWI with “A” Squadron (C.E.F.) at the rank of Private with Service #2684141. After the war, Frank Pearson returned to “F” Division and later, he was transferred to “E” Division (British Columbia). In 1920, the Force changed its name to the RCMP. Thus, Frank Pearson was first in the RNWMP, then the RCMP.

Then war again. Frank Pearson served Canada for a short time during WWII in Montreal as a Special Constable.

Early in his police career, Sergeant Pearson developed an interest in photography. His pictures of “Depot” in the mid-1900s and of members undertaking equitation training have been used many times over in books covering the history of the Force. His family have been kind enough to provide digital copies of his photo albums and they have been sent to the Heritage Centre at “Depot”.

Sergeant Pearson ended his career with the Force in a very unique way -- in the late 1930's, he worked as the lone member of Cloverdale (Surrey) Detachment and he was employed on Federal Enforcement duties -- Frank Pearson retired from the RCMP on September 23, 1939.

Frank Pearson decided he was too young to quit working. For years, after retirement from the Force, he drove the 'Bunny Bus' between Surrey and Vancouver conveying children with cerebral palsy for their hospital treatments. This was just one of the roles he played as a volunteer in Surrey. 

Sergeant Frank Pearson died on January 21, 1965 at seventy-six years of age. He is buried at the Sunnyside Cemetery, Surrey, BC.

In recent years, there was a need for additional space at the RCMP Surrey Detachment. The Detachment had outgrown itself.  As the RCMP began to  look for a special name for the new Annex, it had been decided that the name of the building had to be a significant and meaningful name to the RCMP and to the City of Surrey.

It wasn't long before Frank Pearson's name arose and the new Annex is now called the 'F.B. Pearson Building.' The new name is a wonderful reminder of Sergeant Pearson and his contributions -- his early connection to the RNWMP/RCMP, to Surrey and his service as a community volunteer.

On December 02, 2010, Mayor Diane Watts, City of Surrey, officially opened the  new 'F. B. Pearson Building.' Senior Officers of the Force, officials from City Hall, the Pearson family and members of the community were present for the dedication ceremony . The 'F' B. Pearson Building' now houses all the Detachment's plainclothes units. 

Contributor and Appreciation: Ric Hall, Reg.#24394 / O.1330

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Corporal Harold Kenneth 'Pat' Byce is buried in Duncan, BC

Contributor and Appreciation: Vet. Reg.#19672, Robert Bacchus, Edmonton

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


'Friends Not Forgotten'

The following was received from a son...

'...Reg.#16856, 3/Cst. Basil Zenka Mushinski, passed away May 19, 2011 in Naples, FL. USA.

The proudest time for my father, Bill Mushinski, was being a Mountie. He asked me to forward the notification of his death to you so that he could be listed on your web site.

Reg. Number #16856, Bill Mushinski, best husband and father. Dad served in the Force in 'O' Div. from 19/02/1951 to 06/12/1951.'

Contributor and Appreciation: 'E' Div. Vet. Sheldon Boles

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Last Post: CM, 'Terry' Harold Thom

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Monday, October 17, 2011

In Memory of
Reg.# CM 580, Elsie Margaret Edwards Nesbitt
who died on February 18, 2011 in Ottawa, ON

'Friends Not Forgotten'

Photo Contributor & Appreciation: daughter, Ms Joan Terris

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Sunday, October 16, 2011


In Memory of 
S/9386 Reg.#5217, Robert Gray Frere (father)
Reg.# 5217, Assistant Commissioner, Eric Gray Frere (grandfather)

'Friends Not Forgotten'

Hi 'Buffalo Joe',

I just read the article in [the] Ottawa Citizen and was intrigued by it.

I decided to surf your website and search for my father, Robert Gray Frere and my grandfather, Eric Gray Frere. I was happy to find them in your database.

I live in the Ottawa area and when I read that you visited the Notre-Dame Cemetery well, that is right behind where I live. I suppose you found my father's grave (it has an RCMP crest on it).

My father entered the RCMP in 1947. Your database shows the correct birth date and date of my father's death. He left for work that morning in January and had a heart attack at the office. He never came home! I don't remember my Dad very much as I am the youngest of 6 kids and was 4 yrs old when he died. So this has really touched me!

My grandfather died in Penticton, BC at a later date which I don't have at this time. I would have to find this out as I was young at that time. Per our 'Frere' book, it says that my grandfather was born on August 2, 1890. He joined the RCMP in 1911. I could give you a bit more history of my grandfather if you like.

I have pictures of our Dad and Grandfather in their RCMP uniforms. I will be sharing your website with my family.

Thank you so much.

Louise Frere

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Friday, October 14, 2011

Last Post: Reg.#19273, S/Sgt. George W. Dunthorne

Last Post: Reg.#19273, S/Sgt. George Willliam Dunthorne
'Friends Not Forgotten'
George William Dunthorne, 8 Apr 1935 - 12 October 2011 
Retired Staff Sergeant, RCMP
Postings: - 'N', 'Depot', 'K', 'J', 'A' & HQ Div's.
It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of George William Dunthorne on Wenesday, October 12, 2011 at the age of 75 years.
Predeceased by his parents, George and Isabella Dunthorne and his brother Edward (Jean). A devoted husband to Arlene (Reeks), a caring father to Ross (Cathy), Scott (Nadine) and Lynn (Kirk Thomas). Loving "Pop" to Eric, Alex and Jessica. Cherished brother to Don (Helen). Always loved and remembered.
Friends and family may pay respects at the Beechwood National Memorial Centre, 280 Beechwood Avenue, Ottawa, on Monday, October 17 from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Memorial service will be held in the Sacred Space of the Beechwood National Memorial Centre, on Tuesday, October 18 at 11:00 a.m., followed by the interment in the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery at Beechwood Cemetery, the National Cemetery of Canada.
In lieu of flowers, donations to a charity of your choice would be appreciated. 
Maintain Our Memories'
J J. Healy

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last Post: Reg.#18837, S/Sgt. Howard E. Dunn

Last Post: Reg.#18837, S/Sgt. Howard E. Dunn

'Friends Not Forgotten'

Reg.# 18837, Howard E. Dunn, - 4 March 1934 - 12 October 2011 Retired Staff Sergeant of the RCMP -  L.S.M. (Musical Ride - 1956 & 1957)
Of Rideau Ferry formally of Alliston, Ontario, Howie passed away at his home on Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 at the age of 77 years.

Predeceased by his wife Dawn. Loving father of Grant Dunn (Sophie Noel) and Janice Dunn (Ross Orlando) and dear grandfather of Kailie Dunn (Tim Dennis) and Camryn Dunn. Sadly missed by his best friend and cherished partner Elizabeth (Liz) Akehurst, her children Leeanne Akehurst (Jean Marc Robillard), Paul and Julie Akehurst and grandchildren Max, Arianne and George. Predeceased by twin sister Barbara (Angus) Reid and brother Tom (Grace) Dunn. Howie is survived by many nieces and nephews and friends all of whom were very important to him.

He was a member of the RCMP for twenty-six years, then two years with Secretary of State and was a senior systems analyst for eleven years with the Department of National Defense. Howie retired to 'the cottage" in 1990 and lived every day to the fullest.

Howie will be remembered for his innumerable qualities that enriched the lives of everyone who knew him including his boyish enthusiasm, infinite curiosity and his sincere interest in everything and everyone around him.

Friends are invited to join Howie's family at the Blair & Son Funeral Home, 15 Gore St., W. Perth on Sunday, October 16th, 2011 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Funeral service will be held in the chapel on Monday at 11:00 a.m. In remembrance, contributions to Prostate Cancer Canada or the Ottawa Heart Institute would be appreciated. 

"Howie was an avid outdoor enthusiast who has now gone fishing."

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Contributor: Ottawa Vets

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fort Constantine, Yukon 1895

Photo Contributor: Mr. Dick Pulsifer
NS Vets/ Friend of the Force

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

C/580, Civilian Member Elsie Edwards Nesbitt




We are sad to announce the passing of Elsie Margaret Edwards Nesbitt, nee Forten, on Friday, February 18, 2011.

Born January 11, 1922, predeceased by parents Wilfred and Gertrude (Maugham) Forten. Predeceased by husbands Charles Martin Edwards and Duncan Nesbitt. Beloved mother of Joan Edwards Terris (Doug Werbin) and Bruce Edwards and cherished grandmother of James (Jing) and Jennifer Terris, Scott Jackson (Lia), Charles and Alexandre Edwards.

Great-grandmother of Justin, Victoria and Bianca Terris, and Erin and Paige Jackson. Beloved sister of Dorothy Mallory, Rita Kittle (Mac), William Forten and Robert Forten. Predeceased by sister Helen Asselin and brother Archibald Paul Forten. Step-mother of Carole, Janet, Debbie, Jane and the late John Nesbitt. Aunt and great-aunt to many nieces and nephews.

Raised during the depression years, she moved to Ottawa from Brockville to work for the Department of National Defense as her first job in 1940. She ended her working career as a Civilian Member of the RCMP.

Mom was a very shy person, but fiercely independent, with a keen sense of humour and a reputation as a wonderful cook, baker and seamstress, making many imaginative clothes, capes and costumes for her children and grandchildren.

Widowed in her mid-40s when Chuck died, she later married Duncan; they retired to Perth and had a vacation home at Wolfe Lake near Westport, Ontario.

Many happy hours were spent with her family at the lake. Thank you to the staff of the 3rd floor at Garden Terrace Home, Kanata for all of the gentle and compassionate care given to Mom.

Friends are invited to attend the Memorial Service at the West Chapel of Hulse, Playfair & McGarry, 150 Woodroffe Avenue (at Richmond Road) on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 11am. Reception to follow. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society in her honour.

Thank you for all the memories, Mom; we love you and will never forget you.


'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reg. 869 (Officer 0.145) Insp. M. H.E. Hayne, NWMP

Stories about

Reg. 869 (Officer 0.145)
Insp. Murray H.E. Hayne, NWMP 
Hi Joe:

I check your Bog daily and I always have a particular interest in stories of the NWMP.

In the past, you have included stories on Reg. #869 (Officer 0.145) Insp. Murray H.E. Hayne, NWMP who, as a S/Sgt.,  went to the Yukon in 1895, as part of the first twenty members Contingent sent to the Yukon to open the first northerly post (Fort Constantine), at Fort Cudahy. The Fort was actually situated so they could overlook the town of Forty Mile.

You also reported that after S/Sgt. Hayne completed his two years of service in the Yukon, he wrote a book entitled: "The Pioneers of the Klondyke: Being an Account of Two Years Police Service on the Yukon".  Originally, that book was printed in England in 1897.

A couple of years ago, I was researching Reg.# 323, Everett John Ward, NWMP, for your database because Cst. Ward (from Kentville, NS) was among those first twenty members that went to the Yukon. I searched for S/Sgt. Hayne's book as I hoped that he might have made reference to the names of the other members who served at that first Northerly Post.

Eventually, my search for the Hayne book was successful. New copies are available from Amazon, in Ontario. I purchased a copy about 1 year ago, for about $23.30. As the original was published in 1897, the book is now in the public domain. An American publisher, with the belief that "...old books deserve a new life", recently published these copies --- improved, a new cover is on the book and the size of the font has been increased.

I highly recommend this book for those that want first hand complete details of what those twenty members went through. For instance, when they departed from Seattle, it was more that a boat trip North -- members often went ashore to cut firewood for the ship's boilers. And, after reaching their destination, there is an account of them renting a sawmill to saw logs, then construct a rail bed to move the logs to the river, for rafting logs to the construction site. There are details of them renting abandoned miners cabins to live in while their Fort was under construction.
These NWMP members were racing against the coming cold weather and, in 6 weeks, they managed to construct eight seperate buildings and a stockade. All work was done by members with no outside help. One might ask: 'Where did they get windows and doors? Well, these items were shipped on the same boat that carried the members north.

Then there was the problem of winter firewood. They rafted logs from at least 50 miles distant as there was no suitable wood near the Fort. In winter, they were burning at least 2 cords of wood a day. S/Sgt. Hayne details their problems; dwindling supplies, limited food for their dogs and the need to release a prisoner they could not feed. They had to cover their beds with tarps as rain water leaked through the sod roof of their buildings.

S/Sgt. Hayne was also a qualified photographer and photos in the book are his prints -- the quality is not good but one has to realize there were photo developing problems caused by the extreme elements of the North.

Prior to completeing his 2 years service in the North, Hayne requested a short leave --- he went looking for gold and staked his own claim. When four other members completed their two years of service they too discovered gold and the group of five left the Yuon. The remaining fifteen members stayed in the Yukon and they also searched for gold.

For those that enjoy reading of the early stories of the NWMP, I recommend Hayne's book. It was written by S/Sgt. Hayne, a member who was on the scene. It doesn't get any better!

It is sad, indeed, that S/Sgt. Hayne died at age forth-five years. By this time, he had completed service in the Boer War and again returned to the Force for Northerly service. He died not knowing that he had been promoted to the rank of Inspector.

He was serving in Cape Fullerton at the time and communication was slow in the North, I believe news of his commission arrived about 106 days after his death.

As a comfort to those circumstances, it is impressive that a new headstone was erected, showing his proper rank of Inspector.


Dick Pulsifer, Friend of the Force
Nva Scotia Vets

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,