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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last Post: Reg.#36231, Cpl. Douglas B. Heaton

Toronto Div Vets advise that;

Reg.#36231 (Rtd) Cpl. Douglas Brent Heaton died December 29, 2009 at Winnipeg, MB.

Cpl. Heaton served from 1980 to 2001 in 'O' 'K' and 'O' Div's.

He was the son of Reg.#17660 / O.716 A/Comm'r. and Mrs Don Heaton.

Jack White

Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Post: Reg.#19055, Sgt. James D. Brooks

Toronto Div Vets advise that;

Reg.#19055 (Rtd) Sgt. James Douglas Brooks died December 28th, 2009 at Bowmanville, ON.

He served from 1955 to 1980 in 'L' and 'O' Div's.

Jack White

Friday, December 25, 2009

Last Post: Reg.#14322, S/Sgt.Melvin E. Linden

Nova Scotia Div. Vets advise that;

Reg.#14322 (Rtd) S/Sgt. Melvin Edgar Linden died Dec 25, 2009 at Halifax, NS.

He served from 1941 to 1965 in 'H' & 'A' Divs.

S/Sgt. Linden was Life Member of the Nova Scotia Vets.

Jack White

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last Post: Reg.#13863, Commissioner Maurice Jean Nadon

I am advised that;

Reg.#13863 / O.484 Commissioner Maurice Jean Nadon (Rtd) died Dec 21, 2009 at Ottawa, Ontario.

Commissioner Nadon served from 1941 to 1977 in 'C', 'A', 'E', 'C', 'HQ', 'O',and 'HQ' Div. He was our 16th Commissioner from 1973 to 1977.

Commissioner Nadon was also a Life Member of the Ottawa Div. Veterans.

Jack White

Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Post: Reg.#22622, Sgt. William (Ted) Whelan

From 'L' Div. Vet's

Reg.#22622 (Rtd) Sgt. William Edward 'Ted' Whelan died suddenly of massive heart attack on Dec 21, 2009 at his home in Cumberland, PEI. 

Ted served from 1963 to 1983 and he had been posted to 'L', 'O' and 'B' Div's.

Sgt. Whelan is buried in St. Martin of Tours Cemetery, Cumberland, PEI.

Dave Holmes

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Post: Reg.#12830, Cst. Charles Edward Copus

Nova Scotia Div Vets advise that;

Reg.#12830 former Mess Boy Charles Edward Copus died December 20, 2009 at Halifax, N.S.

Cst. Copus served from 1936 to 1937 in Marine Div., then in the Canadian Armed Forces in WWII.

Jack White

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Last Post: Reg.#32656, Cst. Larry Paul Hershberger

Vancouver Div Vets advise that (Rtd) Cst. Larry Paul Hershberger died Dec 17, 2009 at Chilliwack, B.C.

Cst. Hershberger served from 1975 to 1997 in 'E' Div, mainly at Burnaby Detachment.

Jack White

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last Post: Reg.#17046, Cpl. George R. Dobie

Toronto Div Vets advise that;

Reg.#17046 (Rtd) Cpl. George R. Dobie died Dec 14, 2009 of cancer at Markham, ON.

Cpl. Dobie served from 1951, with broken service, to 1979 in 'O' Div, retiring from Security Service.

Jack White

Reg.#17192, S/Sgt. C.W. Kary

Obituary - Reg.#17192, S/Sgt. C.W. Kary

KARY, C.W. (Kelly) January 31, 1933 - December 14, 2009 At the Ottawa Hospital General Campus on Monday December 14, 2009 at the age of 76. Predeceased by his beloved wife Maureen (Martin), by his parents John and Helen (Weir), by his brother Stanley and sister Louise.

Beloved father of Alan (Anne), David (Michelle), Doug (Barbara) and Ken (Mona) and Grandpa to Abbie, Sam, Chelsea, Lindsay, Nicholas, Clara, Emma and Stephen. Dear brother of Leslie Weir (Peggy). Friends are invited to visit at the St. Laurent Chapel of Hulse, Playfair & McGarry, 1200 Ogilvie Road at Aviation Parkway on Thursday, December 17, 2009 from 2 - 4 and 7 - 9 p.m. The Funeral Service will be held in the Chapel on Friday, December 18 at 11 a.m.

As an expression of sympathy memorial contributions to the Ottawa Hospital Foundation would be appreciated by the family.

'Maintain Our Memories'

Last Post: Reg.#17192, Clarence W. 'Kelly' Kary

Received from the Vets Net;

Reg.#17192 (Rtd) S/Sgt. Clarence Wilbur 'Kelly' Kary died December 14, 2009 at Ottawa, ON.  He served from 1951 to 1976 in 'F' & 'HQ' Div. and he retired from Security Service.

S/Sgt. Kary's older brother, Reg.#15258 S/Sgt Stan Kary, now deceased, was member of Kamloops Vets Div.

Jack White

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last Post: Reg.#12850 Alvin R. Hart

Edmonton Div Vets advise that;

Reg.#12850 former Cst. Alvin Roy Hart died Dec 14, 2009 at Edmonton, AB.

Cst. Hart served from 1937 to 1943 in 'F' Div. He then volunteered for WWII when he joined the RAF. He served in 608 Squadron, 8th Bomber Group. He had 80 hours in Mosquito fighter-bombers and of the four navigators, Cst. Hart was the only one to survive the war.

The funeral service for Cst. Hart will be held at St. Albert, AB on December 18, 2009 at 2:00 pm.

Jack White

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last Post: Reg.#17760, S/Sgt. Theodore 'Ted' Gangdal

Vancouver Div Vets advise that;

Reg.#17760 (Rtd) S/Sgt. Theodore 'Ted' Gangdal died Dec 10, 2009 at Surrey, B.C.

S/Sgt. Gangdal served from 1952 to 1987 in 'E' Div with the majority of that time on Vancouver Drug Section. He was known far and wide for his abilities in that investigative field.

Jack White

Last Post: Reg.#21444, Cpl. Roy L. Soluk

I am advised that;

Reg.#21444 (Rtd) Cpl. Roy L. Soluk died Dec 11th, 2009 at Regina, Sask.

Cpl. Soluk served from 1960 to 1990 in 'M' and 'F' Div's.

Jack White

Friday, December 11, 2009

Last Post: Reg.#26696, Cpl. David L. Hierlihy

Our local Division Treasurer of the past four years,

Reg.#26696 (Rtd) Cpl. David Lloyd Hierlihy died Dec 10th, 2009 at Kamloops, B.C.

Cpl. Lierlihy served from 1968 to 1993 in 'F' and 'E' Div's, retiring from Kamloops City Traffic.

Jack White

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last Post: C/M, Edward Julian Tworek, MD

Edmonton Div Vets advise that;

C/M Dr Edward Julian Tworek died Nov 30, 2009 at Edmonton, AB.

Following a life practice as physician and surgeon, he was the Force Doctor in 'K' Div for a number of years.

Jack White

Last Post: Reg.#17983, Cst. George L. Leatherdale

From an obituary;

Reg.#17983 former Cst. George Lewis Leatherdale died Dec 1, 2009 at London, ON.

Cst. Leatherdale served from 1952 to 1959 in 'H' and 'A' Div's.

Jack White

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last Post: Reg.#18302, S/Sgt. Kasimir 'Bill' Klama

Regina Div Vets advise that;

Reg.#18302 (Rtd) S/Sgt. Kasimir 'Bill' Klama died Dec 2, 2009 at Saskatoon, SK.

S/Sgt. Klama served from 1953 to 1979 in 'A' & 'F' Div's. Afterwards, he went with Saskatchewan Telephone Security for 15 years.

In 1969, with other members, S/Sgt. Klama received a Commendation for stopping a youth with a stolen pick-up and a rifle.

Jack White

Last Post: Reg.#0.1500 Charles J. Doyle

Toronto Div Vets advise that;

Reg.#21578 / O.1500 Supt. Charles J. Doyle died Nov 30, 2009 of cancer at London, Ontario.

Supt. Doyle served from 1960 to 2000 in 'O' Div.

Jack White

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last Post: Reg.#17319, Sgt. Ernie A. Bruch

Cypress Hills Vets Div advise that;

Reg.#17319 (Rtd) Sgt. Ernie A. Bruch died Dec 1, 2009 at Medicine Hat, AB.

Sgt. Bruch served from 1951 to 1978 in 'K', 'E', 'B', 'O', and  'K' Div's mainly in Ident Services.

Jack White

Last Post: Reg.#23376, Cst. Donald L. Tunney

Victoria Div Vets advise that;

Reg# 23376 former Cst. Donald Lawrence Tunney died January 19, 2009 at Courtenay, B.C.

Cst. Tunney joined the Force in 1964 and he served in 'F' Div.

Jack White

Last Post: Reg.#13358, Cst. George A. Stevens

Victoria Div Vets advise that;

Reg.#13358 former Cst. George Albert Stevens died Nov 27, 2009 at Winnipeg, MB.

Cst. Stevens served from 1940 to 1943 in 'F' Div when he was dismissed for marrying without permission.

After the RCMP, he then joined the RCAF for service in WWII.

Jack White

Last Post: Reg.#12375, Cst. Hugh J. Ferguson

Victoria Div Vets advise that;

Reg.#12375 former Cst. Hugh J. Ferguson died Oct 21, 2009 at Dearborn, Michigan.

Cst. Ferguson served briefly in 1934.

Jack White

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vancouver Div Vets advise that;

Reg.#22399 (Rtd) Cpl. Donald J. Scott died Nov 30, 2009 at Vancouver, B.C.

Cpl. Scott served from 1962 to 1989 in 'E' Div.

Jack White

Last Post: Reg.#41948, Cst. J.M. Gaetan Montpetit

Montreal Div Vets advise that;

Reg.#41948 Cst. J.M. Gaetan Montpetit died Nov 29, 2009 at Valleyfield, Quebec.

Cst. Montpetit had served from 1987, as S/Cst to 1990 and thereafter, as Regular Member until his death in 'C' Div.

Jack White
Reg.#20857, Cst. R. W. Kitchen
Vet of the Month: December, 2009

Our Vet of the Month story has been contributed by Joan Woodward  the fiancée of Cst. R.W. Kitchen.

Over the years on a frequent basis, I arduously searched the web for the name "RCMP, Cst. Robert ‘Bob’ Wentworth Kitchen" but to no avail.

Recently, I was surprised when I found his name. My heart nearly stopped! Bob’s name was noted and he was remembered on an RCMP Vets website thanks to the efforts of ‘Buffalo Joe’ Healy and many others of
the RCMP Vets. I contacted ‘Buffalo Joe’ to thank him. In turn, Joe invited me to write a story about my memories of Reg.#20857, Cst. R. W. Kitchen.

This is my story. These are my memories.

Bob was an active member of the Force for only about a year or so after finishing training. I don't know of any heroic or memorable incidents or notable achievements about him, other than his graduation, during his brief service but I knew him.

I knew Bob for two years. We fell in love at first sight. He was a big, jolly, fun-loving, generous, and dedicated guy and his impact on my life was profound. I learned through his example. Bob was willing
and capable of putting someone else's well being before his own.

Cst. Kitchen and I met in the autumn of 1959 at a dance in the Nurses' Residence of the Ottawa Civic Hospital. We had both just arrived in Ottawa for training. I think Bob was born in August (4th?), 1939 and he was accepted by the RCMP in 1959 in his hometown of Fredericton, NB after graduating from high school. He wanted to serve in the Force and, like others who continue to do so, was willing to put his life on the line. His recruit training was at ‘N’ Division in Ottawa.

On the night of the dance, I and the other nurses eagerly watched

the young men in sport coats, shirts with ties, pressed pants and

polished shoes, enter the dimly lit ballroom. These were the recruits

from ‘N’ Division who had been invited to the Nurses' dance.


This big man, about 6 inches taller than me, came up and glancing

down and looking somewhere past my left ear said, "I suppose you'd

like to dance?" "Not with you," I replied put off by his seeming arrogance. We

locked eyes. After an eternity, he glanced down, blushed and said,

"I'm sorry. That didn't come out right...I'm kind of nervous..."

That was it! We danced the night away. We wanted to dance forever.

A highlight of our social life was the last formal dance we went to

at ‘N’ Division. (I think it was New Year's Eve 1961). The room was

resplendent with handsome men in their formal Red Serge tunics and

women in formal gowns. I felt really grown up and sophisticated as I

was introduced down the receiving line of the Commanding Officers and

their wives. Once again we danced the night away. One of the last

dances was a conga line to the "Hawaiian War Dance" and, as always,

the very last waltz was "Good Night Ladies". Walking in the snow after

the dance Bob asked me to be his wife on the day when he would have

been in the Force long enough to qualify to marry.

After his recruit training, Bob and I contrived to see each other as

often as possible which was tricky as we often worked different shifts.

He was posted to at ‘A’ Division and assigned to guard duty on "The Hill".

A couple of my friends, other young nurses, also had met their guys too.

Sometimes extreme measures were called for in order to catch a glimpse

of our loved one, even at work, standing guard on Parliament Hill.

We'd go to The Hill just to look. It was easier when the weather was

warm, but on cold winter nights, from a distance, the RCMP were

silhouettes, massive silhouettes encased in shaggy buffalo coats,

standing in the archway at the front entrance to Parliament.

But, even at a distance, I could recognize my guy. Up close, frost

rimmed eyes and a red nose were framed by the ice rimmed buffalo coat

collar and the beaver hat. We stood in the cold in the light of the

portico exchanging glances through clouds of steamy breath

(more accurately we girls looked and the men tried to maintain their

posture, without talking or laughing). Did he and his mates assigned to

the Hill like standing in the cold? No. Did toes and noses get cold? Yes.

Why did they do it? Duty.

In the spring of 1961 Bob left Ottawa to take up his post at the

Detachment in Truro. In the late summer of 1961, Bob sent me an Air

Canada ticket so that I could join him and meet his family.

In Fredericton he proudly introduced me to family and friends. He

also gave me a family heirloom engagement ring. Next, the round of

parties, dinners, and dancing clearly showed that Bob was known by

many and obviously held in high regard. I took the train back to Ottawa,

and waited for him to arrive on his leave in a couple of weeks. Bob

went back to his Detachment in Truro.

Bob was dedicated to his career as a Mountie. He loved it. It made

him happy and he was one of the happiest people I've ever met. However,

his career didn't get a chance to unfold.

At 8:30am, September 20, 1961, Bob died in the Victoria Public

Hospital in Fredericton, NB. The cause of death was from injuries

suffered when the car in which he was a passenger, driven by a friend

whom he'd known since childhood, missed a turn and crashed on the

Trans Canada Highway near Fredericton around 2 am on the day he was to

leave to come to me. He had just turned 22 years of age.rcmp crestRIP

The inquest report writes that: “RCMP Cst. R. Douglas Rushton,

arrived on the scene around 2:25am and had a conversation with a man who,

told me his name was Robert Kitchen, his Regimental number being

#20857 and he was stationed with the R.C.M.P. at Truro in Nova Scotia.

Further that he had arrived home on leave just that day and he wanted

me to notify his parents that he was involved in an accident. I

briefly went to each of the other two individuals lying on the ground

and was of an opinion that Kitchen was the least hurt. He seemed to

be rational in his conversation and told me his name and so forth. I

noticed a few minor cuts around his face but other than that he

appeared to be in fairly good shape. He did complain of a pain in his

left side."

I can only imagine what Cst. Rushford felt a few hours later when he

was called to the hospital to identify the body of his fellow

Mountie, to be present at the autopsy and to testify later at the


Cst. Rushford was doing his duty and, whether he knew Bob or not,

being in the same room as death isn't easy. Duty is doing what we

have committed to do no matter what our feelings.

Cst. Robert W. Kitchen was carried to his grave in the Fredericton

Rural Extension Cemetery, Section 4, by Constables Fred Blair, George

Singfield, J.C. Munro, N. Fleeton, T. Kozij, and G. G. Patterson.

Nearly 50 years later the gravestone was found by another RCMP

Officer and the name and dates were posted on Buffalo Joe’s RCMP Graves

Website where I found it. That matters: I had worried over the years

that Bob would be forgotten. There seemed to be no one to care after

his mother, father, and brother died and I knew of no other relatives.

Bob is remembered. That matters.

When Bob asked me to marry him he said that just as he was dedicated

to doing his duty as an RCMP officer, in whatever conditions arose,

he would, as a husband dedicate himself to my happiness.

The memory of that expressed understanding of the right to feel safe,

secure, and happy stayed with me and surfaced often in the years

after he died giving me the strength to do what needed to be done and

to have a couple of successful and satisfying careers. The memory of

his lived expression of duty and the desire to serve stayed. His

influence has been felt by and helped many he would never know.

"May all beings be happy, may they be peaceful, may they be free."

'Maintain Our Memories'