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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Mystery behind a Mystery Story


A Magnificent, Monumental, Memorable Mystery

The fright of a blank page. I recall my high school days of long ago. Perhaps I ought to have paid more attention at the appropiate time. But now, the teacher has placed an English exam on my desk.

I figure, it's basic. Every teacher issues a warning not to peek until the word is given. Increases nervousness. Sweaty palms. Tension. Finally, all together, I am allowed to turn the exam over. Sure, the fright of the blank page equals the fear in my mind. Where do I begin? After what seems like a thousand hours, I finish. Didn't seem to bad but the other kids have submitted more pages than me. Oh well, time for hockey.

Today, publishers are forever searching the Canadian landscape for new authors. Good authors with a story. Afterall, the need for a good mystery remains high. Unusually high retainers are no problem if the publisher forecasts huge sales. Christmas is around the corner. Wealth is the soulmate of capitalism. A little competition never hurts. In capitalism, if there's more wealth to go around everyone can be happy.

Now, I'm trying my hand at writing a mystery. A Magnificent, Monumental, Memorable Mystery. I'd like to catch the imagination of Canadians. Distraction will help those who find winter too long. Boring snow. Dull.

I see a hugh task ahead. Writing does hurt the brain. First, I have to come up with something original. But, it's all been done. I need a plot. Plots are over used -- I can't imagine something apart from the big three; sex, money, unfaithfulness? Murder is far too common.

I need a hook. Perhaps something plausible. Just try it. It's harder than you can imagine.

A good mystery might lead to fame. Unlikely.

If I ever get this off the launch pad, it will be dedicated to all RCMP deceased Vets. They deserve it.

For the time being, I'm looking at a blank page.

'Maintain our Memories'

J. J. Healy

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