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Delightful Disruptions

 Delightful Disruptions

You may blame history.

You might experience minor glitches while searching the database for photos over the next few weeks. Blame these bugs on history.

It all came about this way. In the early birthing days of the Force, there came about a huge pregnancy mix up with Regimental Numbers. A glance at NWMP history will show that some Regimental Numbers began with a small o, some with a large O, others with the letters OS and on and on.

The database for this web site began construction in the modern era and whatever Regimental #'s available at the time were used to identify photos. Over time, new or more precise Regimental #'s became known especially for the Officer Corps. So, in many cases, hundreds of Regimental #'s are being changed and this protocol affects the photos stored in the database.

Changing hundreds and hundreds of Regimental Numbers takes time and thus I ask for your patience while these bugs are cleaned up. In the end, there will be no more disruptions. Just delight.

You may blame me or history.

Yours truly,

J. J. Healy,

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