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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In Memory of 0.657, Supt. 'Bram' Smith - Director, RCMP Band


Superintendent Bramwell Smith,
RCMP Band Director 1967 to 1974

Only RCMP Officer buried in Arlington Cemetery, Virginia, USA

'Friends Not Forgotten'

Preamble: Scripting a blog each day sometimes takes an hour. Thinking stretches my grey matter. Afterall, I need a fresh topic plus building blocks. I can rest today. I have received a wonderful, memorable letter from Ms Cherry Bolobnese. Cherry and her parents were personal friends of Supt. Bram Smith. Her complimentary letter about Supt. Smith is very much appreciated and well worth printing.
Dear Mr. Healy,

I loved reading your tribute to my "Uncle" Bram! He was a great friend of my Dad and Mum for many years. We spent many wonderful summers listening to tales of the bands adventures and misadventures. Uncle Bram gave me music lessons in the summer.

I remember his wonderful giggle and the mischievous sense of humour he had. Strange as it seems, my Dad had cancer at the same time as Uncle Bram and I remember the phone conservation well. They agreed that who ever popped off first had to take a bottle of Grouse with them and wait for the other so as to carry on together. Uncle Bram passed away first. My Dad followed soon after.

I remember one summer when Uncle Bram was conducting the Salvation Army Band at Jackson Point's bandstand. My Dad had managed to get front row seats. After the music started, of course Uncle Bram had his back to us, Dad very sneakily handed out cut lemons. We brandished at the brass section and then with much gusto bit into the lemon wedges.

The resulting splat of a chord can only be imagined. Bram spun around saw us smiling with lemon wedge smiles, and with a smile and laughter wagged his finger at Dad. He drew himself up and still giggling said "Everyone hits a sour note sometime, though usually not together. We shall try that again. WIthOUt the lemons - Stan"

I was very good friends with Bram's daughter Pamela, but have lost touch with the family over the years. I would like to get in touch with Pam again. If you know of her whereabouts, or another family member that I could reach her through, I would very much appreciate an email address. Or, perhaps you could pass on my email to them.

I don't know whether we ever met or not. My dad's name was Stan Sadgrove. We used to visit Bram when he live in Ottawa.-----I think we may have even met you. My single name was Cherry-Dawn Sadgrove. However my name is now Mrs. CherryDawn Bolognese.

Thank you so much for your wonderful tribute to my "Uncle" Bram. I shall print it off to put in my memory box for my children. Bram was a big part of my musical side and I am still using his wonderful teaching to reclaim my instruments. I finally have time for my music as all my children are now grown.

Yours truly,

Cherry Bolognese
Email: verycherrydawn@gmailcom

'Maintain Our Memories'

*I have replied to Cherry's letter. A copy has also gone to Vets Dan Carroll and Garth Hampson so they can help Cherry make contact with the Smith family.

Cherry, once again thank you for this memorable tribute.

J. J. Healy,

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