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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Collection of Memories by retired RCMP S/Sgt. Fred Rasmussen

I have received a copy of retired Fred Rasmussen's colorful book; 'A Collection of Memories: My Life with Horses.

It's a fascinating read and it easily brings back memories including the incidents, smells and long hours which we spent in the stables. At that time, Corporal Rasmussen was one of the Roughriders along with Sgt. Harry Armstrong, Cpl. Dee Jessiman and many others.

There's an old saying; 'One doesn't appreciate what we have until it's gone'. It's honestly the way I feel about our equitation program in the 1960's and the skills which the program offered and taught us. I wish I had had more time to understudy with S/Sgt. Rasmussen. It seems to me now that he held more knowledge about horses in one of his fingers than I could ever, ever know. He is an inspiration. In the saddle, S/Sgt. Rasmussen was an erect and a graceful rider. The horse seemed relaxed yet obedient under his care.

Most of the riding experiences at 'Depot' had to do with the Riding Staff -- each one had their distinct personality. Cpl. Rasmussen was widely known as an expert horseman with a velvet touch -- highly skilled after many, many years around horses. It's the reason that he was so much involved in the training of various horses presented to the Queen.

I didn't know much about S/Sgt. Rasmussen's life and background until I read his book. At about eighty-six of age, he continues to pursue his passion with horses. He's a better man for it. It has kept him young. Fred Rasmussen is to be congratulated. His collection of photos with all our famour stallions will stir you.

His book can be purchased directly from Fred at: Box 1004, Tofield, AB. TOB 4JO. Fifty quid will do it.


'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

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