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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Memory of a pup 'Pilot' and Reg.#12807, L. C. Caswey


'Friends Not Forgotten'

Reg.#12807, S/Sgt. Lorne Campbell Caswey
in photo here with PSD 'Dale'

Reg.#12807, S/Sgt. Lorne Campbell Cawsey was born in 1917 and he joined the Force in 1935. He was the son of Reg.#11462, Sgt. John Nicholson Cawsey who purchased the first Police Service Dog 'Dale' and then became the first Police Service Dog Master in the Force.

Father and son distinguished themselves honourably in the RCMP and the Police Service Dog Section.

Vet Jack White tells this memorable story about the son, S/Sgt. Lorne Cawsey. Juliana of the Netherlands was living in Ottawa during World War II. At one point she lost a valuable piece of jewellery.

Meanwhile, Police Service Dog 'Dale' had some pups. One pup was 'Pilot' and his master was S/Sgt. Lorne C. Cawsey.

On one occasion, S/Sgt. Lorne Cawsey and 'Pilot' distinguished themselves by finding a $10,000 brooch lost in an Ottawa park which was owned by Princess Juliana of the Netherlands.  

Photo credit: Supt. Brian Brennan, OIC Federal Policing, Halifax, NS

'Maintain Our Memories' 

J. J. Healy

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