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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In Memory of O.1622, Superintendent James Newman


'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

In Memory of Reg.#19469, Constable M. M. Melnychukl

Reg.#19469, Constable M. M. Melnychuk
Honour Roll # 93

'Friends Not Forgotten'

Cst. Maurice M. Melnychuk was one of five RCMP members who died in a boating accident in Lake Simcoe, Ontario in 1958. 

Cst. Melnychuk was born in Prince George, BC which was his home town. He is also buried in Prince George.

'Maintain Our Memories'

Contributor and Appreciation: S/S/M D. S. (Doug) Pack
Prince George, BC

J. J. Healy,

Presentation to Vets on the Crew of the St. Roch

Reg.#10155, Constable Albert Joseph Chartrand
Honour Roll #104
'A Legend in His Own Time'

Constable Albert Joseph Chartrand was born in 1905 at Ottawa, Ontario. He joined the Force in 1926 and worked as crew on board the St. Roch for fifteen years.
Constable Chartrand died of a heart attack on board the St. Roch at the age of 37 years. He is buried at Pasley Bay, Western Arctic.

Upcoming Presentation for Vets by a Friend of the Force
Guest speaker, Doreen Larsen Riedel is the daughter of Henry Larsen who was Captain of the Mounties’ Arctic schooner 'St. Roch' that 70 years ago this fall, arrived in Halifax Nova Scotia. It had left Vancouver BC in June 1940 and passed by way of the Northwest Passage.
That voyage placed the ship and her crew in the annals of world Maritime history as the first ship to traverse the NWP from West to East . Two years later, Captain Larsen and the St. Roch crew became the first to successfully transit the more northerly deepwater route from East to West. Later the St. Roch became the first ship to circumnavigate North America

Even so, the exploits of that ship, which was a floating RCMP detachment, and her crew are largely unknown by most Canadians.

During this 70th anniversary year, Doreen Riedel will focus on one particular member of the crew of that 1940-42 voyage. The hard life of members of the Force in the Arctic so many years ago can be remembered by some Veterans of the Force, but it should also serve as an inspiration to all of us.

The presentation will be at 7:30PM on February 14, 2012 at the Regular General Meeting in Ottawa.

Ms Riedel's session will have some very sad moments but it will have a surprising and happy ending.

Ms Doreen Riedel will feel at home during her presentation and she will be welcome among all Vets.

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Monday, January 30, 2012

Reg.#14608, Constable Allan K. MacRae and Connections

Ole Connections
'Friends Not Forgotten'
Hi Joe:

I just checked your most recent entries on your "Blog" section and read your article on Reg.#14608 Allan Kenneth McRae.

I knew Allan when he was the Chief of Police at Kentville, NS. He often spoke of his days in the RCMP. He mentioned that he had also taken a course through the American Institution, "Institute of Applied Science". I was not aware of his Military service.

I lastly talked to Allan when we were having a coffee at a local shop. I lost track of him after that day and it was only recently that I spoke to the Mayor of Kentville, in an effort to determine where Allan might be.

I am, indeed, sorry to learn of his passing in 2003 but, now I know and I wish to thank everyone who helped to make this information available.

Best Regards, 
Dick Pulsifer
Friend of the Force
NS Vets

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Last Post: Reg.#29185, Sgt. James Patrick 'Pat' McKernan

'Friends Not Forgotten'

Reg.# #29185 (Rtd.) Sgt. James Patrick "Pat" McKernan. March 21, 1950 - January 18, 2012. 

Pat was a member of the Force from 1971-08-16 until his retirement on 1995-01-18. All of Pats service was in “E” Div.

It is with great love and heavy hearts that we announce the peaceful passing of James Patrick (Pat) McKernan on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at the age of 61 years. Although his life here with us was much shorter than any of us had hoped, Pat lived a very full, meaningful and vibrant life and will be remembered above all as a devoted family man.

Pat is survived by his beloved wife of thirty-eight years, Lucille (Lucy) McKernan, children Jenn (Jeff), Shaun (Casi), Ryan (Lisa), grandchildren Max, Sam, Maddie, Ellie, Brody and Shelby, and siblings Michael (Cindy), Gerry (Chris), Dennis (Nana), Maureen, Kevin (Dana), and Tim (Linda).

He was predeceased by his parents Lillian Margaret (Betsy) and Reginald McKernan and twin granddaughters Katherine Diane and Emma Grace Stephenson.

Relatives and friends are invited to Prayer Service Mass at St. Michael Catholic Community Church (800 - 85 Street S.W.) on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.

 A Celebration of Life will be held at McINNIS & HOLLOWAY'S Park Memorial Chapel (5008 Elbow Drive S.W., Calgary, AB) on Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 2:30 p.m. Condolences may be forwarded through .

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made directly to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, 620 Colborne Street, Suite 301, London, Ontario, Canada N6B 3R9 (Toll Free 1-800-265-5106). In living memory of Pat McKernan, a tree will be planted at Fish Creek Provincial Park.

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Sunday, January 29, 2012

In Memory of Reg.#3887, William 'Bill' Hayward


Question: What is the obvious clue in Mr. Bowen's photo which attracted the attention of our Toronto Vets and especially the eye of lead investigator Jack O'Reilly?
Answer: The shadow of a grave which never gave up its secret!
In the shadow of Mr. Bowen's grave was the final underground resting place of NWMP, Reg.#3887, Constable William Hayward.

The 'Mystery of the Mountie's Grave
which Required Minimal Maintenance'
In the investigation of a criminal case, particularily a serious one, it's not unusual that its forward momentum should stall -- for example, witnesses disappear or some are uncooperative. 

In the  most serious of cases which are not solved, the Criminal Operations Officer (CROPS) brings in a fresh team of investigators to review the entire case. The team questions themselves: 'What might have been overlooked?'

In the 'Mystery of the Mountie's Grave which Required Minimal Maintenance', the new team is most likely to ask this single question: 'Would this Mystery have been solved much sooner if, just if, neighbour Mr. Bowen had been interviewed?

As it turned out, Mr. Bowen's statement was not required. The case was solved by traditional means: hard work by our Toronto Vets and Jack O'Reilly!

Concluded Here

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Read All the Mysteries; Go to Home Page,

Scroll down to Highly Mounted Mysteries

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last Post: Officer O.1622, Superintendent JJWJ 'Jim Newman

Last Post: O.1622 / 30134, Superintendent JJWJ 'Jim' Newman

'Friends Not Forgotten'

Word today, 'Jim' Newman of Ottawa passed away in hospital this morning, Saturday 28, 2012.

Jim joined the Force on November 14, 1972. Over the years, he served in 'J', 'O' and 'HQ' Div. Jim also served on UN Missions abroad.

Jim had retired not long ago.

Funeral details to follow by Deacon Pierre Belanger.

Vets, Ottawa Div.

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

In Memory of: Reg.#14608, Constable Allan McRae


Obituary of
Reg.#14608, Constable Allan Kenneth McRae
as received from his sister , Ms Jean Embury

Ottawa Vet. John Henderson adds that Reg.# 14608, Allan McRae also served with the RCAF during WWII.

Contributors & Appreciation:

The Arnolds, Chatham, ON
sister, Ms Jean Embury, ON
Vet. (deceased) Jack White,
Vets John Henderson, Ottawa, ON &
AJH 'Joe' Collinson, Edmonton, AB

Courtesy of 'Our Canada'. October/November 2011

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Friday, January 27, 2012

In Memory of Reg.#10584, Corporal Arthur G. Reid

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

In Memory of Reg.#10442, Robert Granville

Mr. Robert Granville was born in Doncaster, England. Prior to arriving in Canada, Mr. Granville fought in WWI with the British Forces in Belgium and France.

Upon touching Canadian soil in 1926, Mr. Granville joined the Saskatchewan Provincial Police (SPP). He was absorbed into the RCMP in 1938 and he remained in 'F' Div. 

Reg.#10444, Constable Granville died on duty (I belieive of natural causes) one year later.

Constable Granville is buried in Pinecrest Cemetery, Ottawa.

Contributors & Appreciation:
Vets AJH 'Joe' Collinson, Edmonton, AB
and John Henderson, Ottawa, ON

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Bowen Grave Marker - Almost Clueless









'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


From: The Buffalo Blotter

NWMP Reg.#2927, William James Elliott

'A Friend Hardly One Would Forget'

Constable Elliott joined the Force in 1893. Not unlike most of us, he probably convinced his family that he had all the right intentions to do well in the NWMP.  One should not diss a recruit's potential, for Elliott may have thought he might one day be a Commissioner.

It's true, that after engagement, he was given 'plum assignments' in 'K' Div., Maple Creek and Fort Macleod. However, not long after he joined, it seems that Constable Elliott found himself, let's say 'an Officer's obstruction'. He found himself in Service Court more often than a basket ball bounces in Boston.

Service Court: 19/01/1894. 'Leave stable dirty' - Fine $1 - Comm'r., Regina, SK.

Service Court: 03/03/1894. 'Malinger' - 14 days Confined to Barracks - Commissioner

Service Court: 17/04/1894. 'Talking during parade' - 2 days Confined to Barracks - Supt. Gagnon.

Service Court: 12/06/1894 'Absent' - Fine $1.00 - Supt. Steele

Service Court: 05/05/1895. 'Neglect duty' - Fine $1.00 - Supt. Steele.

Service Court: 07/01/1895. 'Neglect duty' - Fine $1.00 - Supt. Steele.

Service Court: 16/12/1895. 'Neglect duty' - Fine $10.00 - Supt. Steele

Service Court: 31/05/1896. 'Fail attend to saddle' - 3 days Confined to Barracks - Supt. Steele.

Service Court: 02/06/1896. 'Contract debts' - 28 Days Confined to Barracks & pay promptly - Supt. Steele

Service Court: 20/06/1897. 'Neglect duty' - 7 days Confined to Barracks - Supt. Steele.

Service Court: 13/07/1897. 'Absent' - Admonished - Supt. Steele.

Service Court: 22/12/1897. 'Neglect duty' - Fine $1.00 - Supt. Steele.

Service Court: 07/09/1898. 'Have dirty harness' - Fine $1.00 - Insp. Cuthbert.

Constable Elliott was SOS: 'struck off strength' in 1899.

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Sunday, January 22, 2012

In Memory of Reg.#5174, Sgt. Harry F. Morren

Reg.# 5174, Sergeant Harry Fuller Morren had been posted throughout 'F' Div. beginning in 1911. He left the Force in 1917 to join the RAF for the duration of WWII.

He died in 1962 and he is buried in Barrie, Ontario.

Photo: Vets, Toronto Div.
& data and 2nd photo by Vet. Merle Armstrong

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Last Post: Reg.#15411, Constable John D. Anderson

Reg.# 15411, Constable John Duncan Anderson

'Friends Not Forgotten'


Former Constable John Duncan Anderson passed away unexpectedly at home of natural causes on Thursday, January 12, 2012.

Predeceased by Lenore, his beloved wife 52 years; brother Robert; and sister Barbara. Loving father of Mark and Megan; proud "papa" to Caillen and Charlotte; and uncle to John and Greg Newman.

Born on August 22, 1929 in Claresholm, Alberta, John lived a full and rich life in his 83 years, happily spending the last 17 of them living in Burlington, Ontario.

In keeping with his wishes there will be no funeral service and a celebration of his life will take place in the spring. In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate a donation to your charity of choice.

Toronto Vet Jack O'Reilly says: John's son Mark informs me that his Dad served his five year RCMP term then left to the Toronto Police Force for a number of years.
Contributors & Appreciation:
Obit from Jan 21, 2012 Toronto Star.  
Vets, Toronto Div.

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

In Memory of John T. Ussher - BCPP

In Memory of John T. Ussher - BCPP (photo above)

'Friends Not Forgotten'

The grave marker above lies over Mr. John T. Ussher, a Citizen Officer once with the British Columbia Police Officer, but not an RCMP.

Later, once caught, one of Ussher's murderers was one if not the youngest person ever hanged in Canada!

Hey, that good looking guy is me! As a collector, I'm wearing a BCPP uniform!  

Joe, thanks for your help and I am enjoying your site.

Yours truly,
John Mitchell
'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Last Post: Reg.#41320, Frank Sirianni

Last Post: Reg.#41320, Francesco 'Frank' Sirianni

"Friends Not Forgotten'
Deacon Frank Sirianni passed away peacefully into the loving arms of God with his family by his side on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at the Brampton Civic Hospital.  Deacon Frank Sirianni, beloved husband of Paulette.

Loving father of Annette and Sylvio Chaumont, Marie and Dubravko Vincak, Anthony Sirianni and Danielle and Barrett Mucci. Sadly missed by his granddaughters Samantha and Sirianna.

Frank was an RCMP Officer from 1972 to 1998 and became a Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church in 2004.

Family and friends are invited to visit at the McKersie-Kocher Funeral Home 114 Main St. Milton 905-878-4452 from 2-4 pm and 7-9 pm on Sunday.

The Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at St. Ann’s Parish 115 Vodden St. Brampton on Monday, January 23, 2012 at 11:00 am. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations to Chalice would be appreciated by the family.

Contributors: Vets, Toronto Div.

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Friday, January 20, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Between fathers and sons...

Fathers and sons...
Growing Apart & Growing Together

This is a true story about an RCMP member. The incident was told to me five years ago after a young man had found his father's name in the graves database. 

Here is the nub of the young man's e-message:

'Dear Joe;

'...Quite by accident, I found my Dad's name in your database.  My father left my Mom and us kids many years ago. I was about four years old. He had been working with the RCMP out west.

He made a new family. He never contacted my Mom again. I learned that he decided to quit the RCMP.  He went into a new business. 

Over the years, I was very angry with him but I never saw him to tell him how I felt. I was very bitter and I hated him for leaving us. I always hoped that I would meet him.

I thought he was buried in Regina, SK, but now I read in your database that he's buried in Calgary.

I am married and I have a young son of my own. I have told him about my Dad being in the RCMP and about leaving Mom. I also told him how much I hated my father.

Many years have now passed by and I want to visit his grave in Calgary. I have decided to fly to Calgary and I am taking my son.

I want to forgive my Dad. I want my son to hear me say at my Dad's grave that I'm sorry. It's time to let the past go. I will never know why my Dad left us.

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

In Memory of Reg.#15019, Sergeant 'Al' Wieslow

In Memory of Reg.#15019,
Sergeant Alexander William 'Al' Wieslow
Campbell River Detachment. circa 1950's

'Friends Not Forgotten'

Contributor & Appreciation:
Photo Used With Direct Permission
and Courtesy of:
The Cambell River Museum, Campbell River, BC

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Appreciation also to: C/Supt. Brian Brennan, CROPS 'H' Div.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To Earn One's Spurs

Photo - North Battleford 1925? – No Spurs
Part I

Hi Jim;

The photo of the North Battleford members you published in Frank’s Facts & Funnies on September 21, 2011 and the question regarding no spurs raised by Ric Hall peaked my interest.

I have a book entitled: "Uniforms of the Canadian Mounted Police"  by

James J. Boulton that was published in North Battleford in 1990 and there is an article on "Spurs" on page 292 under the heading Brown Uniform’s – A Sign of the 1930’s.

In brief, the 1930’s article states that "no alteration to the officer’s uniform produced more problem for the Board than the question of spurs". The article goes on to say that ….."under modern conditions the wearing of spurs is often a real handicap" and "when travelling in or driving a car or when performing any dismounted duty, spurs are a hindrance". It also says that "there are a number of Divisions in the Force in which spurs are no longer issued to the men…..and consequently it would look incongruous for an officer to parade in spurs with the men who are not wearing spurs".

I think this article now explains why the members in the North Battleford photo are not wearing spurs.

Have a good day,

Dave Davies,
Reg. No 24367

Part II
Photo Question – Battleford

September 27

Hi Frank and Joe,

The best I could do is that the photo was taken in 1938 at North Battleford just after the parade through town. 

The attached photo should help a bit. The Silver Jubilee North Battleford 1938 photo (sold on Ebay) states the officer is Commanding Inspector Briggs. There are 14 members on parade and (when blown up) a couple are recognizable to your original photo which also has 14 members. The picture is very pixilated when blown up too large, but several can be seen with no spurs. The event would have been the Silver Jubilee Incorporation of North Battleford as a City. (North Battleford was incorporated as village in 1906, a town in 1907 and a city (with population 5000) in 1913.) The photo was sold on ebay 11/03/2006. I do not know who purchased the photo. The photo was most likely taken after the parade.

Dust on Boots? Just came off parade on non paved streets.

Spurs? My best guess, many members did not wear spurs while driving vehicles, especially motorcycles. See the Popular Science article attached.

I hope this helps.

Bob Warnke

Webmaster, Regina RCMP Veterans' Association

Link: Mechanizing the Famous Mounties (Oct, 1933)
Filed under: Crime and Police

Source: Popular Science

Issue: Oct, 1933 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In Memory of Reg.#2755, Constable E. W. Hargraft

Contributors & Appreciation: Vet, Toronto Div.

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Update out of 'D' Div. - Manitoba




Good Early Morning Joe.

I was checking your web site this morning in preparation for a briefing I have to give the Manitoba RCMP Vets Executive later this morning. The first member's grave site I queried was Arnold Eugene Carver. I delivered the eulogy at Arnie's service as he was my first Det. Cmdr and God-Father to our daughter. Arnie was a Sgt when he retired in 'D' Division.  

I am the Project Manager for the Manitoba Vets Grave Inspection Project.  Our project is in it's preliminary stage as I'm just gathering information at the moment. I hope to be meet, in the near future, with the 'D' Div. representative responsible for the delivery and oversight of the Force's Grave inspection Program to ascertain the status of the program as it is currently delivered in Manitoba.

If you have the ability to produce a list for me of the members recorded within your db who are buried in Manitoba it would certainly be appreciated. It will give us a place to start. Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you out here in Manitoba to support your database.

Best Regards

Tom Larkin

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,

Reply sent to Tom.
Welcome Aboard all 'D' Div Vets.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Last Post: Reg.#19909, former Constable Kent A. McDonell

Last Post: Reg.#19909, former Constable Kent A. McDonell
'Friends Not Forgotten'

Vet. Jack O'Reilly of Toronto reports: 'I learned this past weekend of the death of Reg.#19909, former Cst. Kent A. McDonell on September 20, 2011 at Oshawa, ON.

Kent had been very sick plus he also had a quad bypass in the past year.  Blood infections did not make it easy for him to come around.

Kent was cremated and his ashes grace the fairways of some of his favourite golfing places and also at his second home in Herring Neck, NFLD.'
 Contributor and Appreciation:  Jack O'Reilly
'Maintain Our Memories'
J. J. Healy,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

In Memory of Reg.#3099, Constable Charles Parry

In Memory of Reg.#3099, Constable Charles Parry
'Friends Not Forgotten'

North West Mounted Police:
Service Court.
On August 30, 1895,  Constable Charles Parry appeared before Officer Inspector Wood.

The charge:
'Improper dress, did neglect horse, was absent from detachment, did associate with woman of ill fame and was short 525 lbs of oats' -
Disposition: Two months Hard Labour and pay for oats.
No alibi. No appeal.
'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy,