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Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Memory of Reg.#10402, Corporal. F.G. Truscott


In Memory of  Reg.#10402, Cpl. Frederick George Hicks Truscott

'Friends Not Forgotten'

Corporal F. G. Truscott was born in 1908. He served the Force for many years and he died in Toronto in 1987. The Toronto Div. Vets have established that Cpl. Truscott is buried in Sanctuary Park Cemetery, Toronto. Ontario.  

Vet. Murray Adair researched Cpl. Truscott's life and established a snippit of trivia. Murray says that the first RCMP Owen Sound Detachment was opened by F.G. Truscott on July 2nd,1932. It's our history.


* to Vet Murray Adair for the history snippet
* to Vet Jack O'Reilly for the photo of Cpl. Truscott's grave maarker.

'Maintain Our Memories'

J. J. Healy

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  1. My sister, Jane Worthington of Kincardine ON just turned 65 on November 23/11. She is just geting out of the ICU and the GBHS rm 3705 and going to perhaps the 6th floor.. She is one of yours,combining with CSIS Toonto, but remained a hermit until the combo heart stroke, 2X pnemonia, diabetes and almosr died. Most cognitive thought is slow but successful. Both sides of her body are somewhat symetrical which is good considering the track record that strokes impede on that correlation(s) I. her brother John Worthington just left there. If she wasn't semi OK for now, I wouldn't have left. Perhaps if your officers could send her a card or something that would be great. It was so close.
    Regards, John Worthington Thorold ON.


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