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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In Memory of Reg.# 1376, NWMP Constable John F. Lynch

North West Mounted Police (NWMP) Constable John Franklin Lynch was born in New Westminister, BC. He joined the Force on May 21, 1885. After training in Regina, he was posted to 'F' Div. Shortly afterwards, he was involved in the Riel Rebellion. Later, he was transferred to Calgary in 'K' Div.

Cst. Lynch left the NWMP on May 20, 1891.  Years later, he served in WWI.

The exact date of Cst. Lynch's death is unclear. He was  buried in the Church of England Cemetery,  New Westminster, BC on May 8, 1929. 

Credit: The tombstone photo is from Fraser Cemetery – Church of England Section, New Westminster, BC.

I also wish to thank Mr. & Mrs Ron Lyon for the information about Cst. Lynch as well as for the photo of  Cst. Lynch's gravesite in New Westminister. Cst Lynch is a great-great uncle to Mr. Lyon (on his mother's side).

*More will follow on the life and times of Reg.#1376, Cst. J. F. Lynch including his sad, untimely and unusual death.

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